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Noticeable Results

I can feel and see noticeable results and will continue to take these supplements.

Creatine review

Great product, very clean and fine powder compared to others I’ve tried and more importantly seeing good results from taking it.

Natural Muscle Builder Bundle - Tongkat Ali, Fadogia & Turkesterone

Great product

Quality service and product just a little pricey

L-Citrulline Powder
Peter Sekula

all good thx

Bundle was great at the discounted price

Loved it for myself however I cannot seem to order tongcat ali in the 100mg tablets like I used to. My wife takes 2 before gym and likes the effect. Is someone able to contact me so I can order her lot as the 500mg would be too strong for her?

Vitamin D3 and K2 MK7 Tablets - Immune System Strengthening, Bone Strength & More

ZMA Capsules - Sleep Quality, Hormone Production and Immune System


ZMA great for sleep I feel very good and rested refreshed seen using ZMA

Blood flow

Slight change , so hopefully more change to come

Ashwagandha Withania Somnifera - Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Very happy with my order, products are quality and arrived quicker than expected.
Highly recommend anyone trying to order organic natural products to give it a go.
Very happy Thanks Brad.

Good products

So I've been using these products for about 3-4 weeks, and from my personal experience the first week I felt the effects the most! in a good way! I believe I have a high tolerance or I adapt to products quickly, so it feels like the effects wear off after the first 2 weeks, but could be a mental thing, but I was very pleased with them so far, after this cycle ends I'll take 2-4 weeks off and start again, no negative side effects, maybe needed to go toilet a bit more frequent than normal.

Christmas Present

I bought it for my son as a Christmas present so I don’t know about the product itself, will update after he starts using it. But it got delivered super fast so I’m happy with that

Awesome supplements

Fantastic supplements. They are exacas advertised high quality and can honestly say that you can notice them working from the first day you start taking them.


These really help with my recovery and deep sleep

Amazing products.

I started taking the muscle builder bundle four weeks ago, at 89 kg, down from 112 on a calorie deficit and intermittent fasting every day.
I have not increased calories and am now 93 kg, and leaner.
I feel more energy in the gym and have no doubt the supplements are working.
I have re ordered another 3 month cycle, and look forward to the results.

NFS products

Best on the market today. Dosages are legit and their products work

Very impressed

Despite the unfavourable side effects in the first few days of taking this stack (occasional diarrhoea) which was explained to me by the friendly customer service member as a result of the potency of the tongat ali, these products definitely deliver on their claims. It has been just over a week now and I have already noticed a difference in energy levels, mood and sex drive. After the recent birth of my first child I definitely felt a slump in those areas of my life, this product has pulled me out of that slump and I’m feeling almost back to normal now. Will definitely continue using this product. 10/10 recommend. (Side effects no longer being felt)

Working for me

Have definitely noticed strength/endurance gain in the gym within 2 wks.
Definitely eat prior to consumption; missed it one morning and pretty nauseous, pretty quickly from that.
So far, so good.

Hi guys I currently am taking nitro wood from inno supps as a circulation aid, which I have taken for two months now with positive results. Further to reading about Tonkat Ali through Natural Foundation supplements, I decided to take your Tonkat Ali product in conjunction with the Nitro Wood. It has now been 7 days taking both and I can clearly feel the Tonkat Ali with very positive effect already after 7 days. In view of this has Natural Foundation Supplements got a product that is similar to Nitro Wood for better blood circulation, so as I can source both products from your company when re purchasing Tonkat Ali, kind regards Darren Melbourne Australia.

Bestsellers Bundle - Tongkat Ali, Fadogia, Turkesterone & Cistanche (Discounted Price)

Better if did lower dosages as tongkat Ali is quite strong

High dosage tab of tongkat Ali makes me feel quite sick but all around great products and company